Underneath our clearest minds
We live this world once more
Where past has left behind
When we declared: one more

One more chance for living lives
One more chance to shield about
One more pattern side by side
One more way to move around

We declare these seven statements
To define a different path
Our advice to those who wanders
Seven point could draw one map

One more map to find a way
One more map to find a play
One more map to build and stay
Built as humans, shaping clay.



We were after
and we were before.

One More Time://

We're present


We were women
and we were men.

One More Humanity://

We're humans


W were races
and we were divided.

One More Skin://

We're one


We were countries
and we were places.

One More World://

We're everywhere


We were fighters
and we were wasters.

One More Politics://

We're sustainable


We were pessimism
and we were stuck.

One More Felicity://

We're happiness


We were guises
and we were semblance.

One More Aestethic://

We wear second skins