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Beauty and performance are built on a common ground: materials. Reconciliation with the planet + technique. Fashion + innovation. ONEMORE’s first step: select, test, check: to express our vision and offer performance with style, which also pleases our planet.
We pursue material circularity, by searching for recycled and recyclable fabrics and paddings because, if nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, we would like whatever is transformed in our hands to live a long and happy life.


orizzontale - 15-min
orizzontale - 15-min


Nice to see, nice to touch, nice for the planet. It is the most natural eco-leather available on the market today, 100% vegan, resistant to wear and UV rays, the perfect example of circular economy that Onemore promotes as a production model consistent with a positive vision of the future.

It transforms apple wastes into a high-performance material of rare beauty. Unique and successful, awarded with the Technology&Innovation Award at the 2018 Green Carpet Fashion Awards. That’s why we – the first and only – introduced it into the world of sportswear: sometimes in the details, sometimes more protagonist, but always with its unique and unrepeatable apple appeal.


ECONYL® is regenerated nylon, which has the same identical features as virgin-source nylon, but can be endlessly regenerated, recreated and reshaped. With ECONYL® it is possible to create new products without using new resources, thus closing the virtuous circle between respect for nature and creativity.

Obtained from waste and infinitely recyclable, this material multiplies the possibilities for creative talents, innovators and consumers. After all, this is the mission of ECONYL®: to obtain innovative processes of circular regeneration, to provide the public sustainable products, thus reducing the potential impact on global warming by 90% compared to nylon produced from petroleum.

Recycled padding

The substance that counts: recycled fibres from PET bottles for light and breathable paddings, resilient and resistant to the most extreme weather conditions, to protect the body’s microclimate from external factors.

All this with the lightness and comfort of down feathers, but with full respect for the animal world, minimal impact on the planet and without accepting any compromises which could result in poor performance.


Made in Italy and the supply chain

For our research on technology + sustainability + aesthetic care, we actively collaborate with small Italian artisans, an expression of excellence of the made in Italy production chain. In the name of true fair trade. All our garments are produced in Europe, and over 80% of them are produced in Italy. They are produced – totally or partially – using recycled material.

Love for the planet is also this: accurately choosing materials, yes, but also shortening the supply chain as much as possible in order to avoid shipping and transport emissions.
For this reason, we also consider durability fundamental: style that never goes out of fashion + quality that lasts over time for timeless garments, that remain in the catalogue for several seasons.


Packaging is a cornerstone with which we express our desire for regeneration and reconciliation with nature. We only use recycled and FSC-certified packaging cartons, paper ribbons, recycled plastic hangers, and Polybags made of recycled material to protect our garments.