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Why a Manifesto?

Because before being producers, we are people: people with ethics, with ideals, with dreams, with ambitions and with a specific vision of the world.

Because we believe in the possibility of reconciliation between the world that hosts us and us human beings, who inhabit it. We believe this is possible by creating comfortable and performing products.

Because a Manifesto is a map, that draws a path for exploring and rediscovering our world and the ways of living it, in a natural and perfect symbiosis.

Because before sharing our taste and our solution we want to spread the principles behind our products, tracing the shapes of an inclusive community, with a shared and avant-garde value system, like our garments.

Because we explore solutions that let our clients explore new worlds.

+1.1 We lived in the past or in the future +1.1 Time: we are the present.

At OneMore we believe that the origins speak of us: in fact, South Tyrol inspired us in every creation and every project. It is located at the extremes of northern Italy, in a land of borders, cultural mixtures and coexistences that OneMore was founded. The mountains, therefore, are our teacher of life: art and nature have enabled us to understand that existence can be lived under the banner of contrasts, the hidden secret at the basis of all balance. We are an ultra-contemporary, technological and ecological brand. We are disruptive approach + constructive method: a critical eye on the past and a glance towards the future.

+1.2 We were women and men +1 Humanism: we are human beings

Constant and meticulous research, aimed at increasing the performance, quality and efficiency of our garments, allows us to offer you products that have a common structure, but that fit your skin, your substance, your self. OneMore is a team, it makes no differences: this is why we want to let you be yourself, by following your instincts, your rules. OneMore grows with you and you grow with OneMore: all our Race Jackets can be customised for your team, squad or company with patches, colors and transfers other than the standard ones proposed by us. Write to us, we want to help you be yourself!

+1.3 We were races and divided +1 Skin: we are one

Our Manifesto promotes a positive and inclusive culture: it is in diversity and differences that harmony is born. Our products, from the Race models to the Urban ones, respond to the desire for reconciliation with the planet: the beauty, performance and sustainable materials of our products will make you feel comfortable and will last a happy long lifetime together with you.


+1.4 We were nations and places + 1 World: we are everywhere

OneMore now reaches all of you, but was born in the cradle of tradition and quality: Italy, symbol of excellence, creativity and innovation, factors that, when added together, generate Genius. This is our contribution to the future: garments born from active research of local realties that guarantee durability and true Made in Italy. In addition, 80% of the garments are produced in Italy, while the remainder are produced in Europe; the material used is partly or totally recycled.

Senza titolo (1000 × 1400 px)Senza titolo (1000 × 1400 px)

+1.5 We were warriors and consumers +1 Ethics: we are sustainable

We keep our promise of progress, innovation and sustainability by offering garments based on the reuse of materials, born from a threefold process based on the research of materials, their selection and final testing. Three are also the principles on which this sustainable study is founded: material circularity, sustainability and recycling. The fruit of this commitment is the offer of three different sustainable materials with which OneMore creates its products:

+ Appleskin, a material obtained from apple wastes, 100% vegan, wear-resistant and UV-resistant
+ Econyl®, regenerated nylon with the same features as virgin nylon
+ Recycled garment padding, obtained from waste bottles, which guarantees breathability, resistance and resilience even in extreme weather conditions.

This is OneMore’s commitment to fight consumerism as an end in itself and reduce emissions linked to the supply chain: to guarantee the purchase of a product that is durable.

+1.6 We were nihilists and were stuck +1 Mentality: we are joy, bliss and positivity

Innovation is to exit your comfort zone, it is to free yourself from the snow that blocks your feet so that you can slide and have fun. OneMore proposes garments to suit every need, preference and setting: coats that can be transformed into jackets and cocoon scarves to give you choice and change. OneMore is the security of wearing comfort and quality thanks to the skill and traditionality of Italian craftsmanship and the innovation of advanced manufacturing techniques, such as laser cutting and heat sealing.

+1.7 We were masks and semblances +1 Aesthetics: we are second skin

OneMore serves its clients with technical garments and intelligent materials to guarantee that everyone is aware of their choices, present and future. Freedom of movement, high performance and style are some of the cornerstones of OneMore’s culture which, like every culture, speaks a language of its own. Our Lookbook has been specifically created so you can see for yourself how we carry all our principles into our products: beauty, innovation, technique, sustainability and commitment.

If you share our values, if our vision is also yours, if you would also like to build a positive future, then we speak the same language. All that is missing is you!