AppleSkin: Wear nature with an apple a day

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So you think an apple cannot make the difference?

In OneMore’s manifesto we present the values that also represent our professional and life targets: + positive vision, + individuality, + community, + reconciliation with the planet, + technology and + aesthetics.

How can you make it all work together? With an apple! AppleSkin, in fact, is one of the materials that our ultra-contemporary winter clothing brand uses to create one of its lines.

+ why the apple?

Why not? OneMore was established and grew in South Tyrol, a land renowned for its symbiosis with nature and the land. It is here, in fact, that we find the core of OneMore and AppleSkin: The apple, a product of local excellence and the basis of South Tyrol’s tradition, innovation and economy with its over 7,000 family-farmed apple orchards. AppleSkin grows here, the fruit of italianness, a bond and desire to reconnect with our territory.

Senza titolo (1000 × 1400 px) (2)Senza titolo (1000 × 1400 px) (2)

+ why AppleSkin?

Compared to other natural fabrics, AppleSkin starts out as waste. The apples that are discarded and considered unsuitable for sales and apple pomace, approximately 25% of what is leftover from the pressing of the fruit and cannot be composted, end up in incinerators and are then thrown into the ground. It is estimated that about 30 tonnes of incinerated waste ends up in the South Tyrolean valleys each year.

This is where Frumat, a company from Bolzano and patent holder of AppleSkin, comes in. Its business consists in collecting apple waste in collaboration with selected local producers: The solid woody waste and peel are processed through a drying and grinding method that reduces the waste to “flour”.
At this point, the semi-finished product is transferred to Mabel, a florentine company, and producer of the AppleSkin fabric: The result is the most natural eco leather present on the market today, 100% cruelty-free and vegan, winner in 2018 of the Technology & Innovation Award at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards as a symbol fabric of product circularity. The appleskin fabric was honoured by the “Osservatorio delle eccellenze Italiane” for its recognised services to the socio-economic development of the italian country and received the 100 italian excellences award in the Campidoglio in Rome in December 2022.

Senza titolo (1000 × 1400 px)Senza titolo (1000 × 1400 px)

OneMore is the only company in the world that exploits the potential of this revolutionary fabric in the field of technical sports and winter clothing. Our brand line, bearing the same name, in fact, is made of AppleSkin that, combined with other high-performance fabrics, offers excellent results, both technical and aesthetic. In some garments, appleskin is displayed in small details, while in others it is the real protagonist, like in the woman’s DUE DUE UNO jacket or in the man’s CINQUE UNO UNO vest, entirely made of appleskin.

Sustainability, therefore, can go hand in hand with human needs and OneMore proves it: The AppleSkin products are odourless, resistant, durable and waterproof. Want more? In itself, pure eco leather is biodegradable: If left in the environment it is deteriorated by microorganisms that destroy it, leaving no polluting residues in the ground.
So, do you still think that an apple cannot make the difference? OneMore’s value system has made it possible to create products that embrace human needs and innovation, while respecting the plant. AppleSkin and OneMore are the symbol of production circularity, italian quality and commitment that become reality, for a better future under the banner of uniqueness.