A language to understand who we are

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ONEMORE quadretto linguaggio alieno 01 2ONEMORE quadretto linguaggio alieno 01 2

Una Lingua per capire chi siamo

Through our manifesto, we at OneMore declare the value system that reflects our corporate and personal target: To grow as individuals, reconciling our relationship with nature through respect and sustainability, while keeping the needs and requirements of our customers as our reference point.

It is our customers’ – ski schools, retailers and end consumers – needs that guide us along a clay path, which can be modelled and is constantly evolving. As a matter of fact, for us the company also represents a philosophy, a culture, and a community: This is how our language was born, from the desire to add something that would identify our brand and our tribe in a unique and unequivocal way.


ONEMORE scatti tatuaggi 4ONEMORE scatti tatuaggi 4


We have used tattoos as a testing tool to realise this idea; you, on the other hand, can use our language to create whatever comes to mind: Your name, the name of a person dear to you, the mantra that guides your life or what you aspire to become. On our website you can play, express yourself as you wish, draw the footprints of your path, while waiting for the language to be imprinted by us at onemore, even on our products.