OneMore Earthbase: Racines 2023

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OneMore is disruptive even when presenting itself: Instead of trade fairs, characterised by large customer traffic, we have always preferred a familiar and intimate environment where we can meet, first and foremost, people to whom we can dedicate the right amount of time and space: This is how the “chalet formula” was born.

What started out timidly in the early days of the brand as the sole showroom experience was complemented, over time, with a full brand experience made up of many moments of sharing, specially customised areas and product testing directly on the tracks.

Racines, South Tyrol: This is the location chosen for the OneMore 2023 Earthbase, where the visiting “explorers” found home, nature, hospitality and the OneMore Team at their complete disposal.

The Earthbase in Racines took guests into another world as soon as they arrived: All areas of the chalet were set up and customised for the occasion, that is to experience the philosophy and the OneMore world at 360°. In a place immersed in nature, surrounded by the purity of snow where you can forget the frenzy of everyday life and enter a unique sensorial experience.

The path to discovering the company’s philosophy and values started right from the entrance, with the display of the 7 points of the manifesto and language, and continued in the common and private areas and in the rooms, customised with elements, fabrics and colors from the new collection.

One-More-Chalet-7 3One-More-Chalet-7 3

The showroom welcomed all the novelties of the 2023-2024 season: From the more technical and sporty garments, dominated by bright and vivid colors, to those with a more fashionable and urban inspiration, with softer colors and starring the AppleSkin fabric in a new shade.

The true beating heart of the Earthbase however, was the living room: An area for conviviality, for sharing breakfast and dinner, cooking together, discussing various retail-related topics and planning the activities for the next day. Because yes, once again this year, customers took advantage of the vicinity to the tracks to test products with us: Directly on field during adrenaline downhill skiing or in more leisurely activities such as moonlight snowshoeing among nature.

One-More-Chalet-8 3One-More-Chalet-8 3

At the OneMore Chalet, everyone was able to take their time, calmly appreciate our products, deeply understand our values, and come into contact with people of other nationalities and experience, even if only for a short while, a true slow-approach to life.
In addition, thanks to our partners, they were able to discover the flavours of our territory: Ferrari Trento, Franz Haas and Termeno Cellar wines, as well as the apple juices by Leni’s Mele helped us express contact with our origins. Italian excellence was also expressed with the handmade apples by Eva Design with which we decorated the Chalet spaces in the colors of the new collection. Instead, Evvo, for the second year-round, allowed us to enjoy unforgettable snowshoeing in maximum comfort.

The chalet is an itinerant formula that is always based in different places: Last year in Campiglio, this year in Racines. The common denominator is always the land of origin, where we search for the most fascinating and surprising corners, immersed in tradition, while experiencing modernity by exploring the territory: Where will we land next year?

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123567912131114161718193427202425262930313537OneMore Chalet